IRS Resolution and Negotiation in Las Vegas
Resolute Tax Services is a full service Tax Resolution Firm. Resolute Tax has focused on helping Taxpayers in front of the IRS and has specialized in IRS Audit Representation. Doing this Resolute Tax has become a leader and one of the most reputable companies to hire for IRS Audit Representation in Las Vegas. 

Resolute Tax Services is Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and has an office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Resolute Tax has Las Vegas Tax Attorneys, EAs and CPAs that will work directly with you and get the best results for you. Resolute Tax Services is Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and has an office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Resolute Tax has Las Vegas Tax Attorneys, EAs and CPAs that will work  with you and get the best results for you. 

​Not only does Resolute Tax specialize in IRS Audit Help and Representation we can solve all other IRS problems. You will find that we will get the best results while giving you services.

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If you have a Tax Problem, don't wait for the IRS to come to you. Take care of it before it gets in their hands or your problem could avalanche into a huge issue that could take years to fix. 

The problem waiting for the IRS is that if the IRS is collecting a tax debt then they have to notify you of any action they are planning on taking. The problem is the IRS has to notify you by mail in one of the last three known addresses you have lived at. So the IRS could notify you of a Bank Levy or a Wage Garnishment at an old residency without you ever knowing about it. Then one day you go to use your bank card or you recieve your paycheck and BAM you see the Levy. It is not worth it. 

Resolute Tax can consult you in the best way to approach your IRS issues. We can make it very affordable and something you can do to get started on the track to fix your IRS problems. You can trust us with these problems and the stresses they create. Call us today for a FREE consultation. 
My name is Brandon Metcalfe EA. I am the owner of Resolute Tax Services. I have built my tax firm around You the Taxpayer. I understand the weight you carry as you hold on to these Tax Problems. I also understand the complexety in finding an answer to these problems especially with all these tax firms fighting for your business. I am straight forward and really do prize Integrity and Honesty in my everyday business activities. After 6 years in business Resolute Tax Services has not had one un happy customer. Give me a call and put us to the test. I promise you will not be disappointed.
IRS Resolution and Negotiation in Las Vegas
Client Testimonials
"I own a business in Las Vegas and had the IRS breathing down my neck about some payroll taxes that I owed from when I started the company. I couldn't sleep at night. I really did not know what to do. I was desperate. I had a friend tell me to go see Brandon at Resolute Tax Services. Brandon and his team not only handled the problem with the IRS and allowed me to stay in business they also made it so I could sleep again. I couldn't send a stronger recommendation to go and see them. It is not worth living in the worry."

-T. Cambell
"I had a Tax Debt from when I lived in California and could not ever get caught up. I went to some of the big national firms for help. I hired a "reputable" firm and let them take care of it. Well they cost me a lot of money in fee and money the IRS took. They did nothing. I then had moved to Las Vegas and had found Resolute Tax Services. I liked them and they made me feel comfortable. I went with them and within a couple of months I had a settlement for less than 5% of what my debt was to the IRS. I loved these guys. "

-J. Febre

"These guys are the best. The filed all my back tax returns and got me a good return. Will come back every year"

-C. Jonathan

"I had a Garnishment on my Las Vegas City wages. I didn't know what to do. I was embarrassed. I found Resolute Tax Services on Google and they saved me. They got te Garnishment stopped before it could hit my first paycheck. I couldn't have been happier with their service. "

-A. Aarons

"These guys are great. All I can say is Honest and Trustworthy. "

-S. Salmon

"They worked magic. I owed over $200k to the IRS. I paid the IRS $1200 in an Offer in Compromise. Give them a call!"

-Q. Jacobs

"I never filed taxes. They filed all my taxes. Gracias"

-S. Gonzalvez